The Grand Vision: The Power Of The Human Mind

What is the grand vision? Well. in my opinion, the grand vision is any vision you hold above yourself. A vision of the future, if you will. Everyone should have one, and everyone does, you just might not know it … Continue reading

Confessions: Getting The Mind Right

“Getting the mind right.”

Easier said then done if you ask me . . . yet, this simple step is the key to achieving A LOT on your life. Putting your mind in the right mindset is important not just for your success and growth but to keep you on that road to success and growth.

Lately, I’ll be honest, I haven’t been trying hard enough . . . I haven’t been putting in the effort to get my mind right. I keep finding myself excuses for why I didn’t do to go do something I should have done; and it’s these excuses that are ruining my mindset. I’m not sure whats wrong with me but when I think back on what I know and what I believe in . . . the fact that I am do not have my mind right makes me question the very things I believe in.

I started this blog for many reasons . . .

To expand my own knowledge, to inform people who wish to seek answers.

To voice my opinion and my own believes to the world, and most of all . . .

To spread awareness of the power your mind has over your life.

I’ve geared away from these reasons and I couldn’t be more disappointed in myself. BUT that all changes now.

I have a much bigger vision for my future then what I am doing right now. I refuse to sit around and wait until I get something I want.

I have a vision and nothing will stop me from achieving it . . . NOTHING!

Take care,

Brad Snyder


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