The Universe and The Mind: The Simple Principal

Molecular ThoughtsThroughout our entire life’s we constantly think, and at a very rapid pace. Studies conducted by the NSF (Nation Science Foundation) show that the average human has about 12,000 – 50,000 thoughts a day. That’s an unbelievable number and we do it so effortlessly. Not only do they know how many thoughts a human has a day, they also discovered that every thought gives off energy; it actually gives off a positive or negative magnetic frequency. So every thought, no matter what it is about, is a negative or positive thought. We have, by nature, electro-magnetic fields that our bodies generate around us and through this field, we give off signals to the Universe. What if I told you that your thoughts have a great impact on your life? And you would probably ask “how?” Well, you should know from science class that everything is made up of the same stuff…atoms. What do atoms do? They give off ENERGY. If everything is made up of the same thing, then everything gives off energy. Yeah, its that simple. Now if you know that everything is made up of the same thing and gives off energy, negative or positive, and your thoughts give off positive or negative frequencies; you are that much closer to understanding how your thoughts impact your life.

The Law of Attraction:

The law of attraction is a very simple law. It one of the fundamental laws of the universe. It states “like attracts like.” Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. Take Gravity for example, its a fundamental law of the universe; it doesn’t care if you’re fat or skinny, short or tall, rich or poor, if you jump from a building…you will fall to the ground. Due to gravity. The law of attraction plays its own role in the universe as gravity does. You can not deny these laws and you can not break them, for they are what make up the very fabric of time and space. Among many other law of the universe.


What To Do From Here?

Change the way you think if you are not satisfied with your current state. Stop the negative thoughts, even though negatives things may be happening in your life, and think positive and inspirational thoughts. It wont be easy but if you can overcome the obstacles that you’ll face in switching the way you think. The ramifications will be astounding!

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