The Benefits Of being Open Minded

Why would you want to be close-minded? What are the benefits of never accepting anything? And only accepting what you are lead to believe? Let me explain . . . Being open minded means accepting  all perspectives as possibilities. However, … Continue reading

Edward Snowden: Not a traitor

Edward Snowden Speaks To The GuardianThere are a number of narratives being floated by the usual suspects to attempt to demonstrate that Edward Snowden is a traitor who has betrayed secrets vital to the security of the United States. All the arguments being made are essentially without merit. Snowden has undeniably violated his agreement to protect classified information, which is a crime. But in reality, he has revealed only one actual secret that matters, which is the United States government’s serial violation of the fourth amendment to the constitution through its collection of personal information on millions of innocent American citizens without any probable cause or search warrant. That makes Snowden a whistleblower, as he is exposing illegal activity on the part of the federal government. The damage he has inflicted is not against US national security, but rather on the politicians and senior bureaucrats who ordered, managed, condoned, and concealed the illegal activity. Now, I am not saying Snowden didn’t break any laws; but look past the laws he broke to disclose some very sensitive information from the NSA and CIA. The people who were voted into power continue to let this carry on, as if there was never a problem. I don’t know how many more way I can say it without spelling it, except the media has such a stronghold on society that people base their knowledge around the information given to them through the media outlets. If you take a look at a recent poll : Lets take a look at the question, and lets not form our opinion so quickly. First, you can see the question asks if you believe Snowden should be charged with a crime for disclosing the NSA’s intelligence gathering efforts?…take a look at the phrase ‘a crime’? That could be anything, simply asking a question like that on a topic such as Snowden’s is absurd. Of course Snowden committed a crime, a law set out by the very companies who are after him. The question is to broad and makes an enormous assumption on Snowden because the media will use this poll, keep in mind without stating the question of the poll; rather stating something along the lines of “A recent poll was conducted showing more then half of America opposes what Edward Snowden has disclosed.” You can see that through this question, they influence millions more into opposing what Snowden has revealed. Simply by telling more people that are on edge and not really sure about it, they pull even more support through the media. And here’s another great example of the lapdog media at work;  we continue to chase him across the world, and Obama had done the right thing, having not violated Human Right laws then Snowden wouldn’t have to reach for help from leaders like Chavez and Putin. But he’s holed up in an airport with NO other way out, his fault? No. He has the right to travel and practice his rights for asylum. Maybe that what Obama wants? Ever thought of that? To leave him no further options but to ask for help from these anti-America leaders, thus persuading the American people, through the mass controlled media, that Snowden is a traitor. Only informing us on the things that are making him look like a traitor but not focusing on the bigger picture. Through giving Snowden no other options to apply for asylum or get out the airport, he is forced, with no other options but to reach out for help from Russia. This situation will be turned against him by the media, how you ask? Well, of course these major media outlets will cover the story but they will cover the way they feel fit for the public. Since these companies are all funded and rely mainly off government contracts, you honestly think that Fox News, ABC, CNN, MSNBC or any other major media outlet owned by these few people actually cover anything that opposes the governments interests. They wouldn’t. It would harm them and ultimately end up losing them money. So with that being said, the media will cover the story in the US governments interest, thus making it seem to the American people that he has done nothing but harm to national security and no ones should worry about the disclosures. Do not just base your knowledge off the media outlets, its mostly misinformation used to gear you away from the real truth.


   You probably be wondering why the major media outlets would  lie to you. Foremost, the media doesn’t lie straight forward; rather then change and alter the information they tell us. If tis something that doesn’t correspond with making money or a topic that hurts them or a particular partner, they will not air if and if anything, defend that partner and skew the real truth. Its what they are doing in the Snowden case. Take a look at the SIX conglomerates who own every station we watch…  that’s 6 major figures with tremendous power over every single major news station. If you look beyond the media, you can see very clearly that what the media reports on the situation, does not actually match up. One good thing I always do is to stick with independent media sources, such as Once distanced from mainstream news, you may begin to see things come together you never realized. The media is controlled by a handful of people, and most American’s have no idea. Please, do your own research and see for yourself. Take a look at how the media can influence so many people in very methodic ways.